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When it comes to social media marketing, you must not only engage but also engage consistently. The main key to building valuable relationships is to join the conversation. Reach out to people in your community and respond to their comments. In order to do so effectively you must engage with your prospective customers and audience with empathy: this means not leaving spammy or one-sided comments that are strictly designed to help you. You would not walk up to someone and ask them to buy something before at least saying hello, right? Social media should be just that- social.

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Every brand is different. Create your client avatar, dive in and do the research if you're not sure, as this will impact your message and creative. Here are some questions to ask yourself to make this process easier:

  • Who are you speaking to and where do they hang out most times (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook)

  • What are the unique benefits of using this as a communication and marketing channel?

  • In the context of our overall goals, what is the purpose of using this platform?

Write down whatever comes to mind.

For example, LinkedIn is more popular in the B2B world and has a very large international following. Meanwhile, Instagram is more visually oriented.

Most important, find out which social media platform is the one your ideal client spend their time on -- that’s where you need to spend your time. However, every business must be on all 4 social media platforms.

 Here are 4 ways to make social media marketing effective in your business:

Be Yourself.

Share, tweet and post the things that interest you. Don’t sacrifice who you are for what you think others want you to be. And don’t waste time trying to make everything perfect; if you do, you’ll never post anything, start somewhere. What matters are your thoughts. Share things that will benefit your audience.

Connect with others!

The primary goal on social media is not find sales. The main goal is to build relationships and add value. This is a downfall for most people, who do not understand the long-term nature that is appropriate to undertake.

 “If your social media strategy is to devote time and resources to creating content for social platforms, but you do not spend any resources to engage with your cultivated audience, your strategy will not be successful.

 Schedule time to talk with people and engage. Reply to comments, check out your competitions and share your perspective. Again, always deploy empathy and put the needs of the person on the other end ahead of yours!

Don’t overproduce.

Overproduced content tends to turn people off on social media. People don’t care about your fancy writing, they want to know you genuinely care about their needs. They also want to get to know you, experience your day with you and relate to you.

It is imperative that you understand what your time is worth because there is a high likelihood that the cost of producing content on a continuous basis is drastically lower than what your time is worth. Do not be afraid to outsource! FreeeUp, Toptal and Upwork are the best platforms for outsourcing. Please click this link to access more outsourcing platforms https://freeeup.com/blog/freelance-economy/top-4-2018-outsourcing-platforms-vetted-freelancers/


Add Value First.

 You know that guy at the mall who always wants to sell you health insurance? You don't want to be that guy. Take time to know people, engage, join in the conversation and offer freebies. Offering advice and giving suggestions will make you seem helpful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Create a great persona online and get people to ask you about yourself, rather than telling them about yourself, and they’ll be more receptive.


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