The burgeoning co-working model has inspired many business owners to adapt to the new model en masse.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing the best co-working space for yourself/team members. Whether you are busy handling your dream-team of your dream venture or just a small business – your new routine requires you to have the ideal workplace.

The best co-working space should be able to fill every need, answer every query and most importantly, let you work on your goals irrespective of your field or profession.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if the place you have in mind will contribute to your work and life in the most effective way possible:

Is It Cost-Effective?

Money tends to be the primary factor in most decision making. Outline your goals, set a budget as to how much you would like to spend per day for your co-working space and choose the space that best fits your needs. A low price point to start with is the best way to go. Make various plans that you or your team can subscribe to depending upon the frequency of your visits. At Grab Suite we provide you and your business with the flexibility of daily, monthly, and yearly rates, Starting at $40/Day. No Contracts, No Commitments, No Frills. Just Work Space, as you need it- when you need it. Visit our website for more details https://www.grabsuite.com/

Is this Co-working space going to help you with Time Management?

It is best to choose a Co-working space that is accessible 24/7. Choose a co-working space where you can work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. While most modern entrepreneurs use co-working spaces and have a set routine , it is good to switch up your working hours .Therefore, choosing a space which offers flexibility or longer working hours are non-negotiable points in choosing the best co-working space.

Is the co-working space of your choice easily accessible and close by, cutting down travel time (which is one of the  main reasons entrepreneurs prefer co-working spaces)?

At Grab Suite we give each tenant an access card. You get to set your own schedule which allows you to work at your convenience.

Do you like the location and is it flexible?

Location is important for every business in every field, but it is absolutely vital for co-working spaces and its tenants, otherwise the whole concept would not make sense. I am sure you don’t want to choose an office that is far away from where you live. While you want to leave home in the morning to help increase productivity and grow your business, you probably don’t want a long commute. Finding a co-working space that has a good proximity to home will help you to

strike the right work life balance that suits you best. In addition, it will keep your prospective clients in close proximity to your co-working facility. Always search for the best strategic location, whether arriving from the airport or across town.

If you have a small team where people are constantly coming and going from the “office” space, you need to know that the space will accommodate. Ask yourself this question: can your co-working space accommodate your team meeting of say, 10 people? Can they give you an area where only one or two departments might have to work?  Flexibility is important for all, but essential for business owners.

Let’s talk a little more about flexibility – does your co-working space of choice have multiple conference rooms? Can it be easily located for interviews and meetings with prospective clients or employees?

The co-working space itself and its location is an important factor to be considered. Are you currently residing in Long Island or cross proximity? We are your best choice. We are located at 125 Michael Drive Syosset, NY 1179. Please contact us at this number or visit our website here https://www.grabsuite.com/

Is it fully Secure?

Safety is vital , especially for ladies choosing to work out of co-working spaces. There’s no point in charting out a whole routine with timing other than 9-5 if you can’t implement them due to safety issues. If you are responsible for a team, then this becomes a crucial point as the safety concerns for your team fall on you.

Therefore, you should check if the co-working space that you like is located in a safe, well-populated and well-located area. This location should be able to accommodate working late at night or calling down clients and/or team members without posing a problem. The travel to and from the co-working space and how connected it is also becomes another important point to consider here. Additionally, check if the co-working space offers any special security measures and if they provide closets or lockers to store your items. At Grab Suite, we are fully secured and we provide closets for our tenants.

Does It Have Good Infrastructure?

Does the outside match the inside? By infrastructure we don’t just mean it literally. Visit the co-working space for yourself and see – does it offer all the basics of an office? All the fundamental office stationary is usually available but always ask and check that all the basics are present –  such as WiFi , office stationery, printers, scanners, conference rooms, reception area and more. Does it have an ideal and optimal work environment? Is the ambiance conducive to getting your ideas flowing?

At Grab Suite, our offices are the perfect balance of seclusive and collaborative. Our amenities include high speed internet, gourmet coffee, world class printers, everything you need to get the job done. Not to mention, we offer access control security on every unit so you can rest assured your area is dedicated to you and your team members.

Finally, check out the dining options at each co-working space, including nearby restaurants, in-house snacks and vending machines, or a kitchen. Other conveniences to consider include free parking, an online member portal, and 24/7 building access as mentioned above.

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