It is time for us to cut the cost of health-care due to workplace stress. One recent article stated the following: “Us Economy is impacted by workplace stress at a high rate, as much as $300  billion a year.” It is ok to be ambitious but working long hours, engaging in politics at work and the stress of socializing outside of work are some of the biggest stressors. This was revealed by a recent Bridge by Instructure survey.

However, we can reduce stress in the workplace by taking these simple steps :

  • Define your Career Goals

Ensure you and your manager or Boss is on the same page. Be clear and make strategic plans towards your future. Focus on the bigger picture and create daily steps to getting to your goals. Make it easy to have conversations, be transparent this will help you to limit future stress.

  • Be Proactive  

Moving about is beneficial for physical and mental health. Sign up for a gym membership, exercise in the morning before work and while at work move about. Light aerobic exercise throughout the day will reduce stress.If you have a problem remembering things, add it to your daily reminders. Your health comes first, that’s what you need to continue working.

  • Take your paid time off and sick days

Why are you saving them? Use them, they are yours to enjoy after all you’ve earned that them.It will eventually add to your production which will help the company significantly and you will also benefit from a well-deserved break. It is a win-win situation for you and the employer.

  • Get enough sleep  

Missing out on your sleep interferes with your focus, creativity and overall production. It is tempting for most corporate workers to add a little leisure time in the late evening. You may gratify your desire in the moment but you will pay a huge price for this gratification the next day. Good sleeping habits is beneficial to your health and will increase your productivity. Do what is right for you health and focus.

Follow these tips and you will see a change in your productivity overall. Click the subscribe button for more quality content.